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I cannot recommend his work highly enough. Gary L. After reading his books, I could never think about nonhuman animals in the same way again. I cannot view welfare "reform" in the same way.

Politicizing Activist Discontent – Biens symboliques / Symbolic Goods

And I can clearly see the fla To put it as succinctly as possible, Prof. And I can clearly see the flaws in welfare "reform" and in today's animal "movement". These are just a few of many beneficial outcomes for me from reading his works and his blog online. And there is the nonviolent grassroots political abolitionist movement which is addressing the property status of nonhuman animals through creative, nonviolent vegan education.

Veganism is the rejection of nonhuman animals as "things", as resources, as property and is the recognition of the moral personhood of nonhuman animals. I would be surprised if the reader is not convinced by his arguments and I would also not be surprised if the reader decides she can no longer participate in the violence of animal use and goes vegan.

If this subject interests you, I highly recommend Prof.

Sherry F. Colb's book "Mind if I order the Cheeseburger and other questions people ask vegans" through Lantern Books. View 1 comment. Oct 23, Adam Kochanowicz rated it it was amazing. Crucial for understanding the animal rights movement and why anyone who takes the interests of animals seriously should go vegan and not support animal welfare. Mar 24, Peacegal rated it liked it Shelves: owned-books.

Some find him inspiring, others endlessly frustrating. The reason for this great rift is because that Francione believes that animal welfare reforms such as larger cages for factory-farmed hens, for example are pointless and counter-productive when the goal is animal rights, whereas most activists disagree.

There is much name-dropping of animal activists here, most of it disparaging. Other times, I felt Francione pulled low blows. He railed against The Fund for Animals, which held a meat barbeque to celebrate the opening of the Black Beauty Ranch sanctuary in While I agree that this decision was hypocritical and offensive, it does reflect a time when the animal movement was still struggling to find a unified voice and moral compass.

Francione also spends much time berating the Fund for at one time hiring a farmer who in his spare time raised cattle and pigs for slaughter. Ok, bad—fair enough.

Rain Without Thunder: The Ideology of the Animal Rights Movement

But at the same time, could the Fund really have a say about legal activities engaged in by workers while not on the job? The cover showed a frightened-looking African-American child spliced with the image of a cat.

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Those who disliked this campaign saw it as implying that African-Americans were more likely to engage in abuse, or that they were at an animal level. Agenda had chosen the image of the African-American child to grace the cover apparently at random. The other images appeared within the pages of the magazine. Francione also takes a look at the political maneuverings of anti-animal organizations formed to counter the animal rights movement.

He rightly states of the Foundation for Biomedical Research: FBR does not bother to tell the public that the research community it represents has historically opposed the very laws and regulations that FBR describes as adequately protecting the welfare of animals and as obviating the need for animal rights. Francione is equally insightful regarding the National Association for Biomedical Research: [NABR and similar groups] frequently report updates about the efforts of animal advocates to reform animal agriculture or the use of animals in entertainment and praises the efforts animal exploiters to defeat such efforts.

In theory Their primary focus is on opposing governmental regulation of property irrespective of the use. He points out that USDA figures indicate that lab animal use is not showing a downward trend, if fact quite the opposite, and the percentage used in experiments with unrelieved pain may be increasing as well. The US meat industry is also factory farming and slaughtering more animals than ever before.

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However, one needs to also figure in corresponding population growth and seriously ask whether this is something that can be blamed on the still small community of vegans and animal activists. There are many examples.

While the first part of the book was decent, although not always agreeable, reading, the second half was dry as dust. And my, does Francione like to repeat himself. One can understand while Francione has as many foes as fans in the AR movement. Francione tends towards repetition, but his points are well worth reiterating. For anyone genuinely concerned about the rights of animals, as opposed to the regulation of their oppression, this book will be indispensible; for anyone who advocates regulation in favor of abolition, this will be a damning indictment. Block Allow.

Gary L. Temple University Press, U.

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Animals society. Paperback Seiten. Are 'animal welfare' supporters indistinguishable from the animal exploiters they oppose? Do reformist measures reaffirm the underlying principles that make animal exploitation possible in the first place? The solution to this dilemma, Francione argues, is not in a liberal position that espouses the humane treatment of animals, but in a more radical acceptance of the fundamental inalienability of animal rights.

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